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In 1944 the Harold and Ethel Witschey Family lived five miles out Whiteman Hill ( The New Martinsville Ridge Road) on an unpaved mud road. There were five children in the family; William, Walter, Wayne, Warren and Lila. There was no electricity or running water, the “outhouse” was out behind the chicken house and water came from a dug well.
Harold Witschey worked as a butcher for Mr. Lawrence Amos at the Corner Cash Market located on the corner of North and Main Streets. His salary was $15 per week for a six (6) day work week and closing and clean up on Saturday was midnight. For extra money (overtime) he would dress twenty (20) chickens for a dollar or dress a beef for a dollar.
Mr. Amos was appointed deputy sheriff and sold the store to Harold Witschey for, and under the following conditions: Inventory $500.00, payments to start in 30 days at $10.00 week. Rent $50.00 a month to be paid in arrears (end of the month).
Mr. Witschey went around to three (3) family members, borrowed $50.00 to make change and that’s how it all started.
Oh yes, the first days sales were $28.32.